Who has the time to get four different quotes from four different plumbers/ builders and are they reliable?

Manny Stefanou has over 25 years experience in the building industry, from the ground up.

He has built a reputation for understanding the client's needs and presenting right options to choose from.


"Take the time and guesswork out of your renovation. We become your advocate who can make sure that your build is a success from concept to completion."

"What I've noticed for years now, clients don't have the understanding of what is required to get that done, and the steps are so confusing that it becomes too hard"



Contact Exclusive Design Group with your idea

Discuss feasibility and budget



EDG Gives you all the options available  for your idea, ie design options,  available materials, products to use

Action Plan

Once your decision is made, a time line is created, plans are generated, tradespeople are engaged


Its Happening!

Work commences, all tradespeople supervised and managed by EDG, One contact for all your build

All done!

Build is finished, work completed , hassle free thanks to EDG!


"We've set out to give our clients the opportunity to engage our services from concept to completion, using one contact, who understands the industry and the different disciplines that are needed to ensure that you know what is available and what options there are"